The Consortia’s vision is to “Inspire and empower Aboriginal families and communities to live free of the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs”.

Wotha Daborra is a new and exciting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander pilot initiative being lead through the Loddon Mallee/Hume regions within Victoria.

The regions involved with Wotha Daborra have formed a regional consortia to look at a model of best practice for family integrated drug and alcohol (AoD) treatments for individuals and families struggling with AoD issues within the Loddon Mallee/Hume regions.

Some of the key objectives of the Aboriginal Family Centred (strengthening and Healing) AOD Model for Victoria are to:

  • Provide a supported journey for individuals and families affected by AoD misuse along a continuum from engagement, early intervention, withdrawal, rehabilitation, to after-care and recovery in the Community.
  • Provide access to AoD services that are family centred, underpinned by Aboriginal culture and practices, evidence-based treatment modalities, and recovery principles which are staged and allow clients and families to move through at their own pace.
  • Offer holistic support and a wrap-around response, which includes AoD treatment, as well as access to life and parenting skills, health care, family therapy, education, training and employment, and housing options for individuals and families.
  • Facilitate connection (or reconnection) of individuals (and families if required) with cultural heritage through interactions with Community members, Elders and Traditional Owners.

The Wotha Doborra Consortia is working to achieve this vision.

For more information about Wotha Daborra please contact the Project Manager on 03 9411 9411