Aboriginal Health Promotion and Chronic Care

The aim of the AHPACC program is to strengthen organisational partnerships, support planning and community engagement, with a particular focus on key issues and strategic directions.

The overall intended outcome for AHPACC is to improve the length and quality of the lives of Aboriginal people in Victoria by:

  • Providing support to VACCHO members and AHPACC sites to assist in the systematic integration of culturally appropriate health promotion, prevention and management of chronic disease within Victorian Aboriginal communities
  • Participation in regional planning initiatives to foster effective partnerships between and within AHPACC sites and relevant health programs
  • Promotion and professional development opportunities for AHPACC workers ie. VACCHO health forums,  Education  & Training Unit - internal and external
  •  Strengthening of and development of existing stakeholder relationships and contributing to the development of new strategic relationships relevant to chronic disease management in Victorian Aboriginal communities ie. Peak Health Bodies
  • Contributing to the promotion, development and improvement of National and State based health promotion and chronic disease initiatives ie. Policy development, quality use of medicines, Medicare uptake

AHPACC Partnerships and Inter-Sectoral Collaboration:

  • Cultural Responsiveness – supporting stronger links between mainstream and Aboriginal community organisations
  • Managing care better with effective services – developing and implementing culturally
  • responsive ways to improve the coordination and integration of services for Aboriginal people accessing and moving between health care settings.
  • This activity area focuses on both strengthening the AHPACC Partnership and looking more broadly to work in collaboration across many sectors of health and community services.
  • Joint planning processes for the AHPACC partnerships linking in with broader planning activity
  • Local Aboriginal health plans shared between all relevant organisations.
  • Facilitating the establishment of co-located services.Establishing referral systems between ACCHO and CHS
  • Facilitating the establishment of access points for Aboriginal people to mainstream services

AHPACC Program Standards are derived from and aligned with:

For more information please contact our AHPACC Officer or on 03 9411 9411.