Support for Boards

The Sector Quality Improvement team provides a range of training, tools and support for Boards of Aboriginal organisations, Directors and individuals interested in being on a Board. We can provide support in the following areas (and more!):

  • Foundations of governance
  • Role of the Board
  • Board Code of Conduct
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • Risk management
  • Clinical governance
  • Understanding financial reports
  • Strategic planning
  • Review of strategic plan
  • Board review and evaluation
  • Recruiting to the Board
  • Applying to be a Board member
  • Recruiting and retaining a CEO
  • CEO performance review
  • Board’s role in HR
  • Board’s role in quality improvement
  • Board’s role in accreditation
  • Managing grievances/complaints
  • Engaging with the community
  • Community consultations (i.e. when reviewing Rules/Constitution, strategic planning)

Contact the team on (03) 9411 9411 for more information.



Forum for ACCHO Boards 2016

Thanks to all who attended our very first Forum for Boards!

Find resources from the forum HERE!
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