Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation

Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation delivers a range of health and community development services to the Indigenous and wider community population across east Gippsland.

Established in 1992, Ramahyuck seeks to be recognised for its innovative approach to meeting community needs through responsive, professional and dedicated services, and through focussing on establishing a viable business enterprise.

Through its health clinics in Sale and Morwell and in collaboration with partners across the greater Gippsland region, Ramahyuck delivers programs aimed at:

  • Providing comprehensive primary health care
  • Ensuring a holistic approach to health through social and emotional wellbeing programs
  • Implementing innovative community enterprise and engagement initiatives

Ramahyuck has a proud history and acknowledges its founding members who had the foresight and vision to recognise community needs and advocate for the establishment of the organisation to advance the health are wellbeing of Indigenous people in the region.