Moogji offers a range of services including:-
*Their clinic, which has a GP visiting from Orbost Medical Clinic once a week
*Three Aboriginal Health Workers, who also are also able to provide medical transport to as far as Melbourne.
*A Clinical Nurse who is avaliable Tuesday for clinic days and also Thursdays
*A Youth Worker
*An Environmental Team
*Two qualified Counsellors'
*A visiting Psychiatrist
*Community Kitchens
*Community Gardens
*A GYM and a Gym Instructor
*Accessing scheduled dental appointments and transport to the Dental Clinics at Gippsland & East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-Operative (Bairnsdale) and Orbost Regional Health
*A visting Optometrist (that is covered under the Closing the Gap scheme)

Aswell as being involved in Child Health Check Days, Women's Health Days' and other health promotion events ran in partnership with Orbost Regional Health and Djillay Ngalu.