Bubup Wilam Aboriginal Child and Family Centre

Bubup Wilam means ‘Children’s Place’ in Woi Wurrung language. Bubup Wilam is an Aboriginal Child and Family Centre in the suburb of Thomastown, in the City of Whittlesea, inMelbourne‘s north.

Bubup Wilam for Early Learning provides Aboriginal children, families and the community with access to an integrated range of services and programs, including: early intervention and prevention programs, early years education, and health and wellbeing services.

Bubup Wilam currently provides a culturally strong, integrated and enhanced model of care, comprising of:

  • A health and wellbeing program (BWEL) that includes an annual Child Health Check and an Education, Health and Wellbeing Plan for all children (in collaboration with the VictorianAboriginal Health Service).
  • A 70 place early learning centre for children aged 6 months and over.
  • A 3 and 4 year old kindergarten program, which is delivered within the long day-care program, and an extension program.
  • A transition to primary school program, in partnership with the local primary schools.
  • Supported referrals for families who need to access a range of specialist services (such as housing, health, welfare, pediatrician, OT, etc) and case management/care coordination for parents/carers with complex needs.
  • Access to in-reach support services for children with special needs, including a visiting maternal and child health nurse and speech pathologist, facilitated referral to specialist services, access to disability support workers, etc.
  • A culturally appropriate one-on-one enhanced learning model for all children that is underpinned by the National Quality Framework.
  • A range of health promotion activities and events.
  • An accredited training program and placements delivered on-site for Aboriginal people seeking to gain a Certificate 3 or Diploma in Children’s Services.
  • A professional development program for staff and available to staff in external agencies.

Bubup Wilam has established partnerships with a range of local agencies, including the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service, Victoria’s Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People, the local primary schools, the City of Whittlesea and other services which can support vulnerable and at-risk children and families, and enhance outcomes for the community.

Our vision

“In partnership with families, Bubup Wilam for Early Learning aims to nurture strong, proud and deadly kids in a culturally rich and supportive environment”

Bubup Wilam seeks to underpin and strengthen this vision through our philosophy of instilling and strengthening children’s strong sense of Aboriginal identity and personal self-esteem as their foundation for lifelong learning, health and wellbeing. This equates to children, with the support of their parents and extended family, taking a lead responsibility in owning and developing their play, space, interaction, learning and engagement with others in a confident and supported way. Guided by the teaching staff, we aim to ensure our children at a very early age begin the journey in reaching their full human potential.