Request to use the VACCHO logo.

The VACCHO logo cannot be used in a manner that falsely implies affiliation with the VACCHO brand, is misleading, or causes confusion regarding VACCHO’s relationship with any person or entity. The VACCHO logo cannot be used to imply or endorse a commercial product or service. No alterations or distortions can be made to the logo. 

The VACCHO Membership and Associated Members, MOU signatories, media partners, supporters, partner organisations and legitimate project partners are required to contact Communications in the Business Services Unit should they require the VACCHO logo.  

All external requests must to be directed to the Communications Team 

The story of the VACCHO logo

The story and meaning of the VACCHO logo underpins the philosophy of VACCHO and was captured on canvas by Melbourne Koori artist Lyn Briggs in 1997.  

‘Sitting groups throughout Victoria symbolising the talking that must go on in communities to achieve a better life for Kooris.

The painting depicts tracks, inspired by the old tracks. Which represent the connection between VACCHO members and Aboriginal people across Australia. The figures represent VACCHO members working on behalf of all Victorian Kooris’.

Reference: Communities Working for Health and Wellbeing: Success Stories from the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector in Victoria, VACCHO, VACCHO & The Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health Melbourne, 2007.