Digital Health

Telehealth uses video cameras and computer screens to connect patients to specialists and doctors through videoconferencing technology. It means patients do not have to travel away from their Community to receive care, so it is quicker and less complicated than an in-person visit. Patients will be able to see, hear and talk to the specialist over videoconferencing.

VACCHO has been funded to increase telehealth capacity and utilisation across the ACCO sector. Telehealth provides an opportunity to improve access to services for Aboriginal people, in all regions of Victoria. There is potential to reduce distance, time and cost barriers, as well as provide the most culturally appropriate service option. Telehealth technology provides an opportunity for patients to remain in an ACCO, a place which they have identified as safe and accessible. Aboriginal Health Workers will be able to act as cultural brokers and ensure there is a two-way understanding between health professionals and the patient.

For more information on Telehealth please contact our Digital Health Coordinator or on 03 9411 9411.