Healthy food policy

Victorian Aboriginal community organisations are key settings in which healthy food policies and support resources can improve and promote the health and wellbeing of staff, visitors and other Community members.  VACCHO has resources  to support healthy food policies.  Resources can be adapted to reflect Communities.     

The VACCHO Healthy Tucker Policy can be adapted to reflect the needs of your organisation.

The Healthy Catering Tool Kit can be used when ordering or preparing food and drinks for catered events.  Pages can be printed and inserted into a ring binder.   

The tool kit includes:

  • How to use the Traffic Light Guide for Healthy Catering
  • A list of Aboriginal catering companies in Victoria
  • A catering order form and healthy catering guidelines
  • Tip sheets: healthier options for a range of events
  • Tip Sheets: catering for special dietary requirements
  • Tip Sheet: Bush Tucker foods

Catering Order Form Adapt the form to suit your organisation.

Traffic Light Guide for Healthy Catering What is the Traffic Light Guide?  How is it used to order healthy catering?  Find out here!

Tip sheet for healthier drinks at catered events Uses the Traffic Light Guide.