Alcohol and Other Drugs

Diagnose and treat opioid dependent patients (Pharmacotherapy training for GPs and Nurse Practitioners) – Learn more about over-the-counter and illicit opioid dependency and treatment options, contact Networking Health Victoria.

Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid training courses for community members, organisations, and others who want to learn more about Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid – Ask VACCHO to deliver the 14 hour (two day) Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid training session.

Healthy Spirit, Healthy Community 58-page booklet and individual drug pamphlets inform you on  the nine most common drugs in our community. To order these resources contact the AoD Team.

Some tips to keep healthier and safer for people who use alcohol and/or other drugs –  AIVL’s Indigenous Business

VACCHO provides training on Mental Health First Aid Courses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.